Gilded Scenes (2018)
Duration: ca. 7 minutes
Instrumentation: 3(3rd dbl.Picc.).3(3rd dbl.E.Hn.).3(2nd dbl.Eb. 3rd dbl.B.Cl.).3(3=Cbsn.). – – Timp.+3 – Piano/Cel. – Hp. – Strings (min. players)

Burn Bright (2017)
Duration: ca. 5 minutes
Instrumentation: 2(2nd dbl.Picc.).2.2.2. – – Timp.+2 – Piano/Cel. – Hp. – Strings (min. players)

Recording from the 2017 Ink Still Wet Workshop at the Grafenegg Festival;
Tonkünstler-Orchester Niederösterreich; David Clay Mettens, Conductor (August 2017):

“Sleeping I am carried…” (2014)
Duration: ca. 9 minutes
Instrumentation: 2(2nd dbl.Picc.).2( 2nd dbl. E.Hn.).2.2. – – Timp.+2 – Cel. – Hp. – Strings (min. players)

Recording from the 2015 [‘tactus] Young Composers’ Workshop;
Brussels Philharmonic; Franck Ollu, Conductor (November 2015):

Please contact me if you are interested in a perusal score of this piece.

Hommage à Rube Goldberg (2013)
Duration: ca. 6 minutes
Instrumentation: 3(3rd dbl. Picc.).3.3.3(3rd dbl. C.Bsn.) – – Timp.+3 – Pno. – Hp. – Strings

Reading by the Brevard Sinfonia; David Dzubay, Conductor (July 2013):

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